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Beauty Therapy in Emerald, Victoria. Waxing, Facials, Manicures, Pedicures, Bio Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails, Spray Tans, Day Spa and Sauna

Sam Murphy has worked in Health for over 20 years, experiencing all the aspects of Allied Health from different perspectives.

Studying at Lawes College, Australian Institute of Applied Science, Southern School Of Naturopathy, St. Johns Ambulance and currently with Endeavour College of Natural Medicine, Sam has an incredibly comprehensive understanding of Complimentary Medicine and Remedial Applications.

A Qualified Trainer, Sam has worked with Training Institutes in the field of Emergency First Response, First Aid, Remedial and Therapeutic Massage and held classes in basic Herbal Medicine.

Sam has always preferred a Scientific Approach to Natural Medicine, combining Traditional Knowledge with the latest approaches in Health, as new research and innovation becomes available.

Working in the local area from two clinics, Sam also assists in City Clinics when available, while currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science Degree.

In her early career, Sam worked for the Siromet V8 driving team, as a Sports Trainer at VFL level, has been a key speaker to Delegates from Asia on several occasions regarding Health Training in Australia and has declined working for large City Clinics in favour of local Business support.

She says, ‘It is an odd phenomenon that people seem to seek services far from home. I get people from Rye, people from Emerald travel to Kew.

What sets this behaviour in motion is maybe the thought that local means we somehow don’t have the same kudos as someone that has a clinic in another Town or City.   I think people would be amazed at the calibre of talent and knowledge we have in the Hills.  I recently met a New York Times Best-Selling Author, Political Writer and a Gentleman that moves into multi-million-dollar Companies as a trouble shooter.  I think if you work local, you are more inclined to perform better and want to give the best service.’

As a Nutritionist, Herbal Practitioner and Allied Health Professional, Sam is able to use Medical Pathology Reports, Traditional Iridology and a thorough patient profile to ascertain where the underlying issues affecting your Health are occurring.  Not believing in the ‘one-design-fits-all’ approach to gaining health, a personalised program is created to give the body every opportunity to find balance, vitality and health.  Sam concedes there will always be nutritional patterns that emerge that can be applied in a general sense, but knows there is no one answer to restoring a person to optimum.

Nutrition Physician and Skin Renaissance are located at 394 Main st, Emerald and are dedicated to Wellness, Health and Beauty.  The perfect package in any ‘bodies’ language.



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